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Transfer Data From Your Old Ipad To Your New Ipad Air 2 Or Ipad Mini 3

Are you planning to buy new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3? But don’t have any idea for transferring data from your old iPad to the new iPad. If you buyed a new iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3, and want to transfer info from the old iPad to the new iPad. Generally speaking, the old iPad will be sold or give away after you get the new one that you deeply need to migrate files. Sometimes situation happen, when Apple doesn’t allows you transfer data between iPad devices with simple copy and paste, at that time don’t get disappointed, to transfer contacts, notes, photos, text messages, video and more files to the new iPad. Because here in this tutorial for you, but for that you first have to keep a  back up of your old iPad and then restore the backup to your newly purchased iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 using iTunes or iCloud.

Following these process you will successfully able to transfer your saved messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings to your new iPad.

Before starting with this, it is recommend you to update your old iPad to iOS 8.1 to ensure that you don’t caught any compatibility issues when you migrate from your old iPad data on iOS 8.x.x or lower to the new iPad running on iOS 8.1.

Then you set to transfer the data from your old iPhone to the new iPhone using iTunes or iCloud by following these instructions:


1.Transfer iPad Data with iTunes


Using iTunes you can transfer iPad data to your new iPad via local hard drive of your PC. But as you know iTunes is too heavy and clumsy, it often takes up much of the CPU usage and slows down everything in your PC. The backup file just contains parts of the iPad data, not you whole of the content. During synchronization you will see an erasing function is available,that can erase off your data if you don’t disable it.


1. Connect old iPad to PC —


Launch iTunes in order to prevent erasing off your data from iPad, click to "Edit > Preferences > Devices" and check the option "Prevent iPod, iPhone, iPad from syncing automatically" and connect the old iPad to the computer.


2. Backup old iPad —


Enter name of your iPhone from the iTunes menu on the top right. Then choose “Back Up” option. Let the iPad backup finish within iTunes, keep iTunes open but remove out your old iPad from the computer.


3. Restore new iPad from iTunes —


now turn on your new iPad. At the “Set Up iPad” screen choose “Restore from iTunes Backup” then click “Next”.


4. Connect new iPad —

Connect the iPad with the computer and within the iTunes, from the restore menu choose the most recent backup.


5. Transfer data to new iPad via iTunes —


Click to “Continue” option and let the restore via iTunes take place, do not interrupt during the process until the transfer is completed and the iPad has rebooted.


Note: The backup doesn’t contain your music, your movies. The restore will put back, what is part of the backup. Other things will need to sync to restore to the new iPad.


2. Transfer iPad Data with iCloud


You can store your files, music, apps, etc. on one iPad and retrieve it on another with iCloud. iCloud is a way far better than iTunes for its all-dimensions data backup, anytime, anywhere. But it's not without flaws.


  • Both of your iPad need to be updated with iOS 5 or later;

  • Very slow for apps transferring;

  • There is file security and private risk under remote environment.


1. Set up iCloud —set up iCloud on both of your iPad set.


2. Find backup setting — on old iPad launch “Settings” and tap on iCloud, then tap on “Storage & Backup”.


3. Initiate iCloud backup — Hit “Back Up Now” option to start a manual iCloud back up. Wait till the backup completely get finished.


4. Restore from iCloud Backup — on your new iPad  “Set Up iPad” screen, choose “Restore from iCloud Backup” and tap “Next”.


5. Retrieve data from new iPad — Login to your iCloud account and select the most recent backup from the old iPad you have done. Tap on “Restore” to transfer the data from the old iPad backup to the new iPad.


If you do not have iTunes account or you do not use the above mentioned procedure and looking for some simple and quick methods for transferring data then you can opt for third party Phone to phone transfer software which is designed for quickly transfer of your data including call logs, photos, videos, audio and much more. In just few click you can get all data transferred from old iPad to new one.

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